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We Secure Access to Machine Data

with our Remote Service Portal mbCONNECT24

secure your factory mbconnect24

Lots of people may need data from the factory floor: whether at the machine supplier or the machine user, from Product Management to Quality Assurance, from Logistics to Supply Chain, it can be weights, temperature logs, rejected pieces, number of boxes or pallets, …

How could you bring production data to those who need it, without giving them access to the factory floor? How to preserve the cybersecurity of the machines in the production network, while integrating production data into your organization processes?

MB connect line solutions split data collection and data distribution: on one hand, the mbNET or mbSPIDER unit on the machine read data and report it to a central server, and on the other hand, the Remote Services Portal application running on that server distributes the data according to tight user access control, exports it directly into your application database or sends formatted reports to listed recipients.

We Secure Remote Services

with our routers mbNET and data modems mbSPIDER

secure your factory mbNET,, mbSPIDER

Remote services are very useful in production, either from the machine supplier or for the factory own support team. Yet, cybersecurity of the factory network is just as important. How to make production optimization and common security guidelines meet?

Cybersecurity is at the core of MB connect line products. The solutions are tested by an autonomous certification authority and certified to have a “high level of security”. They are generally approved by the IT department of the machine users. MB connect line solutions are also designed for industrial automation people, giving them controlled, yet truly transparent, access to the machine and its network 
components, being Ethernet, USB or serial. The modern tools of the programming environment such as auto-discover and search functionalities are preserved, even from remote.

Secure Your Factory

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We Secure Machine Networks

with our firewall mbNETFIX

secure your factory mbNETFIX

Industrial Control Systems like PLC‘s, HMI, SCADA and Drives with their reliance on proprietary networks and hardware, have long been considered immune to any kind of attacks from network or other interfaces, but, since the convergence of networks into a single Ethernet architecture, these Control Systems are now inter-connected together, connected to o ce networks and Internet.
How to control the accesses to the production network and the machine components?

Machines cybersecurity is a new, yet unavoidable, challenge for the industry. Introducing the firrst industrial automation firewall, MB connect line helps machine builders as well as machine users to secure their networks without the need to master the complex technologies involved in cybersecurity.

We Secure Machine PLCs

with our mbSECBOX

secure your factory mbSECBOX

While all IT sees cybersecurity as the way to prevent intruders to access the network, we all know that risk zero does not exist. Can we afforrd the risk to see a PLC program being a effected by a virus targeting automation components?

mbSECBOX addresses cybersecurity from a different angle: it keeps a backup of the PLC program memory and keeps monitoring it. If a virus (or a human) alters it, you will receive an alarm. mbSECBOX can then reset the program directly in the PLC memory, without opening the programming environment.

This is your ultimate cybersecurity defense line.

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